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7 Ways to Get Rid of the Winter Cobwebs

In the last two weeks the ALL SORTED team has been hard at work helping clients “spring clean” their homes We tackled linen cupboards, swopping winter for summer linen, and filling charity bags with linen no longer loved or needed. Another favourite with clients is sorting clothes, letting go items that were never worn, and packing away out of season items.

I get so excited about the prospect of winter coming to an end and love spring cleaning my own home, room by room and cupboard by cupboard until it sparkles and shines welcoming summer!

If you don’t have time for a BIG spring clean, here are 7 ways you can get rid of the winter cobwebs.

Clothes: Gather all your clothes in one place, and go through them item by item. Let go anything that you have not worn in this last year, anything that no longer fits well, or makes you feel good when you wear it. Once you have done that, sort your clothes by season, and pack away out of season clothes. Don’t forget to empty pockets, clean or dry clean all items and check for stains or damage before storing. Use bay leaves or lavender to keep moths and other creatures away. (For more details on how to sort and organise your wardrobe check out my blog post

Your fridge and pantry: Empty your fridge and freezer, clean thoroughly (with vinegar and warm water) and only put back what you know you will use. Let go or toss all foods that you will not use, all foods that are past their best and obviously any leftovers that don’t look too good. Do the same with the pantry or kitchen cupboard and be ruthless, especially with spices, herbs and condiments.

Linen cupboard: This is the perfect time to check all the pillows and all the linen before you change to summer linen. Throw or donate all pillows that are not at their best, and any winter linen that you didn’t use and can’t see yourself using. Remember to thoroughly clean or dry clean any duvets, blankets or winter linen before you store them.

Children’s toys: Winter is a time when children play indoors a lot, and their bedrooms and playroom tend to get disorganized and messy. Get them involved in sorting out their toys. Discard anything broken or incomplete. Donate toys and books they have outgrown. Organise them in a way that makes it easy for kids to keep tidy.

Magazines and newspapers: Go through all the magazines and newspapers that have accumulated over the winter months. Take out any articles you want to keep and file then recycle the rest. If you have enough time, do the same with your books.

Television: While you are at it, do you record TV shows to watch later? Do you have a lot of shows piled up that you haven't watched, and probably won’t? now is the time to delete some of them.

Computer: Now do the same with your computer. Clear out your emails, and go through your files. Delete as you go, and backup where necessary.

Tell me how you get ready for summer…

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