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30 days to Christmas and the silly season is upon us! A month ago, I wrote about preparing and planning well in advance. Here we are 30 days later and you might not have all your ducks in a row yet!

I thought you might like some more ideas on how to enjoy your festive season. Here is a 4-step plan that will help you go from stressful and anxious to stress less and relaxed this year.

Step one: Think, plan and prepare

Take a moment this weekend, grab a notepad and pen and spend some time thinking, planning and preparing. Think about what worked and what didn't last year!

Make a list of everything, I mean EVERYTHING you have to do until the end of the year and allocate time (enough time) to the tasks – and start today!

Step two: Simplify, organise and manage (and delegate)

Now break your long list down into smaller lists. Be specific about gifts, shopping, dinners, lunches and outings, activities and trips.

If it feels like too much – it probably is. Now’s a good time to be realistic and cross out all the things that would be nice, but would complicate your life or stretch you too thin!

Step three: Now put your plan into action (and don’t forget to delegate)

Now you have a plan that feels comfortable and do-able, start with all the shopping you can get done now. Remember that everywhere is going to be busier than usual so give yourself extra time. I like to get to the shops as they open, and get it all done before the crowds descend. Remember too, to factor in some down time!

Have a large daily calendar in a central place with everything on it for the whole family to see. Ask older children to add their plans too!

Step four: YOUR Silly Season Sanity Mantra

Repeat after me:

  • I will share the load and not try to do it all myself (that means I will delegate!!)
  • I will try to avoid the 3 Ó’s: Over-spending, Over-catering and Over-indulging
  • I will keep things simple and pace myself
  • I will be strong enough to say NO when I have to
  • Finally, I will give myself the time to be in the right space to enjoy it all!

So, do you have any tips to stay stress-free this holiday season?

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